I will product Design evaluation from Engineering perspective

product Design evaluation from Engineering perspective

About This Gig

It's always good to get a second opinion

Let us help you evaluate your Product Idea or Invention, so you'll be comfortable going on to market with it!

We are a product design and development company, conducting Innovation R&D, Ideation, Industrial Design, Prototyping, Engineering, DFM, Manufacturing and sourcing of customer solutions.

Here on fiverr we are offering a very affordable option for evaluating your product or invention from the perspective of our inhouse experts in fields of: industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, production, business.

Can it be done better? Are there ways to cost-optimize my product? Are the materials good enough? Can it be manufactured?

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Product or Invention Evaluation

Get a second opinion on your product or invention form an experienced product developer

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products do you evaluate?
    We have experience in developing (and thus evaluating) products in fields of: consumer products, plastic products, consumer electronics, IoT, biometric sensoring, robotics, high-tech products, metal, fabrics, other innovations and inventions.
  • How can I be sure my ideas are safe with you?
    We receive a lot of ideas every day, so we really don't have time to steal ideas or similar. If you still want to be further protected we can offer to sign a NDA agreement.