I will professionally master your song in 1 day

professionally master your song in 1 day

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Mastering is more than just making your song sound louder.  However it is the finishing touch that makes your music sound more full, more clear, with stereo depth, and with all of the sounds in the right place.

Treating audio is something that takes a lot of patience, and a genuine love for music. While you could decide to master your own music it is a highly extensive process of learning about studio monitors, creating a special space for mixing, and long hours of straining listening to sounds. 

That's where the mastering engineer comes in. We're here to help make your music ready for distribution.  With over 10 years of experience we can master all types, and genres of music.  From classical flute music to alternative rock.

So who are we? We are Panda and Rabbit (Madison and Chris) two musicians who share a passion for audiophile quality sound, and a deep desire to master our craft. 

Why not give us a try for $5? We want to master your music in a convenient online service at an affordable price. We accept songs up to 10 minutes in length. You'll get a cd quality Wave and 320 kbps MP3. Now exclusively on Fiverr!

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