About This Gig

Do you have a favorite spot on earth you want to uniquely remember? Hand-drawn cards exude an intimacy that printed cards lack. To simplify the process, several options are available, the "addon" tiers accessible via the Gig extras section. please read fully before ordering!

: Cards are drawn with quality graphite on card stock. You receive both a high-resolution digital scan and the original card sent to you via USPS. The original artist retains copyright of all images produced.

base option  |  $5  |  half card

Receive a freehand sketched illustration, based off of one existing reference, on a 4" x 6" card. Basic form is emphasized, so expect a broad flair and character in drawings.

addon one  |  + $5  |  full card

The illustration will be drawn on a standard 6" x 8" sized card.

addon two  |  + $20  |  imagine

For those looking to create a world, rather than just capture it. Additional visual and textual references will be utilized to render an entirely new scene from your imagination.

addon three  |  + $40  |  refine

Add in some life! I will realistically render materials and shadows, from rustic brick and stone to contemporary steel, with use of straightedges and refined detailing.