I will make a loud, clean and powerful mastering of your track

make a loud, clean and powerful mastering of your track

About This Gig

One Of The Best Mastering Services Regarding Electronic Music Widely You Can Find On Fiverr.com

I am a music producer, DJ and Audio Engineer with more than 6 years of experience with music production and audio engineering.
Releasing my music exclusive on the label of Juicy M (JUMMP Records).
In this gig I will provide you a Dynamic, Powerfull and Loud mastering of your track in my way. 

Basic Mastering from 1 stem | 5$
1 » Equalizing & Shaping 
2 » Stereo Processing 
3 » Dynamics & Multiband Compression
4 » Limiting & Maximizing 

Mixdown processing from 10 Stems | 15$
1 » Equalizing, shaping and cutting
2 » Volume Treatment of individual parts
3 » Basic effects regarding Compression, Delay, Reverb etc.
4 » Preparing the whole track for mastering

Full Pack of Mixing and Mastering from 10 Stems | 25$
1 » Full Mixdown processing and preparing
2 » Final Mastering processing of your track
3 » Working on Your track heavily and bringing you the best results

In the case of your dissatisfaction, I will refund your money back (100%).
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