I will give the perfect business plan for your online business

give the perfect business plan for your online business

About This Gig

Awesome news!!!!

Look no further. All your woes on how to create your online business plan and what templates to use get solved through this GIG.

In $ 5, I will give you the business plan templates which will have -

1. A word document template with the various details sections ( vision statement, operations plan etc)
2. An excel template where you can arrive at your revenue and costs and compute your flows, ROI and break even point etc. The excel will also have ready to use graphs which will automatically get created as you put data for your cost and revenue projections.
3. A highly professional and creative power point template where you can summarize your online plan and present it to anyone to showcase your business plan.( use graphs etc from the above excel template)

Please note:
 This GIG is for online businesses, i.e. for businesses which are looking to grow by selling products and services online and want to spend through the digital media and on digital marketing.

Also this GIG only provides the basic templates for $5, if you want the details and want me to prepare the business plan for you, kindly have a look at my GIG extras.

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