I will convert your books into ebook formats


About This Gig

Since 5 years, I'm continuously providing my services to Authors, self-publisher, Publishing Houses etc. with 100% job satisfaction. 

FYI, i don't use any software for conversion. As conversion through software will not give you quality output. I always do manual coding for ebook formatting so you can get high quality output. 

High Quality work guaranteed!

My gig offers:

For ebook conversion, if you'll provide me word document:
1-50 pages       =     1 gig
50-100 pages   =     2 gig
100-200 Pages =     4 gig

Have more than 200 pages? or If you have PDF or if your manuscript is complex & has images more than 10 or has tables, bullet list then please contact me first for customized price. 

Services i offer: 

  • Interior/Layout Designer for Paperback/Hard cover Print-On-Demand (CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu Print etc.), Traditional Printing & Web PDF
  • Ebook Conversion (Epub, Epub3, mobi, Kindle, Amazon KDP, iTunes, iTunes, fixed layout epub/mobi, KF8, Barnes & Nobel Nook, Smashwords, Google, Ingram, Lulu, Kobo, Sony, Adobe Indesign to epub/mobi) 
  • Children Books, Read aloud Epub, Enhanced Epub
  • Cover Design

Please feel free to contact me to discuss about your project before giving a order.

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2 days delivery