I will professionally mix or master your song for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
professionally mix or master your song
professionally mix or master your song

About This Gig

I will mix any song with unlimited audio tracks for 10 dollars


Mixing includes:

  • Audio editing (audio cleaning , fade-in and fade out)
  • Mixing Techniques (Eq, Compression, Volume Balancing, Harmonizer, limiter, Track Automation.)
  • Some effects (delay, reverb,).

Your song will be mastered for broadcast quality and delivered in 48.000 khz/24bit WAV format and MP3 at 192kbps.

  • For an additional $10, I'll  master your song.

I will master your song on pro tools with 10$

  • Equalizer and Post Equalizer

  • Multiband compressor

  • Dynamic EQ

  • Exciter

  • Stereo Imager

  • Maximizer


  • I will deliver in 24bit/48kHz high quality WAV format. 

Prepare Your Mix

  • Send high quality files. WAV at 24Bit/44,1 kHz 
  • Turn off any effect
  • Make sure that there is no limiter on your master bus!
  • the overall volume level should be in an area of about -6 db.