I will give you 10 ideas

Thank you.
Reviewed by dansgordon over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by prytam over 1 year ago
Good work with some great ideas. Good communication, quick work. I recommend.
Reviewed by jeannono over 1 year ago
Great service. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for ideas on a project. In my case, I was looking for blog post ideas and received a fantastic list of ideas that I never would have thought of. Thank you.
Reviewed by dansgordon over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by fuzzytv over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by garagegyms2 over 1 year ago
I was really impressed by the work that the seller put into it and the great quality of his job. I will certainly be back for more. I highly recommend him. :)
Reviewed by marcuspaz over 1 year ago
Excellent service. I actually got 14 great ideas instead of 10. Will use this service again.
Reviewed by pressie over 1 year ago
Idea Genie, you are amazing!!!!!! I loveddddddddddddddddddddd all your ideas!! You were honest, sharing truth where needed and raising the bar to bring our marketing to a greater level of excellence. Hope to work together with you again and again!
Reviewed by heaven287 over 1 year ago
Outstanding ! The Idea Genie is the creative ideas person I have been searching for! Count me in now as a return customer! The "Idea Genie" is an answer to my prayers! Work was fast, ideas were personalized to our needs and very easy to put into action! Thank you" Idea Genie!
Reviewed by heaven287 over 1 year ago
Absolutely amazing, very good ideas. I will hire her right away!
Reviewed by ftorre over 1 year ago
Great ideas, she is really good, you should hire her!
Reviewed by ftorre over 1 year ago
Great ideas, extremely good ideas. I have been working on this topic for 10 years, and she gave me good ideas, highly recommended!
Reviewed by ftorre over 1 year ago
She is amazing. Her ideas are worth a trillion dollars. She's my role model. One of the greatest sellers of all times. She is SUPER HIGHLY recommended.
Reviewed by uandsandy over 1 year ago
This guy is just amazing!
Reviewed by roydimeo over 1 year ago
Well worth the price. Great writer, this guy is full of ideas :)
Reviewed by roydimeo over 1 year ago
I love it! It really helped to push my own thinking and ideas. Thanks Nati!
Reviewed by yeloveit almost 2 years ago
Amazing work ! Thank you very much! Would love to work with you again.
Reviewed by mgendo over 1 year ago
This person is a total muse, complete professional, and provides you with really in-depth content to get you thinking about ways you can help people in your industry or niche! Paying this person 5 USD for her brilliance is a total steal! Grab her while you can!
Reviewed by toddsqui almost 2 years ago
This seller gave me a 1 billion dollar ideas for just 5$. His incomparable ideas has made my project a success overnight. He is going places and i pray that God continues to empower him. He is not just a seller, i regard him also as a brother from another mother.
Reviewed by uandsandy almost 2 years ago
give you 10 ideas

About This Gig

***Are you looking for ideas and your brain won't help?***
Let the Idea Genie give you 10 of them for anything that your are trying to come up with.

I am a highly educated (Ph.D. in Neuroscience) and creative person (Dog trainer, aerobic gym instructor, scientific consultant, photography aficionado, mother of two boys). The fact that I am probably not an expert in your area means that I will be able to come up with outside-the-box type ideas for you.

Here are a few themes for ideas: Ideas for a new product, blog, book, style, gift, surprise, inspiration for weight loss, new workout routine, illustration, design, flyer, work project, school project, thesis project, logo, video, career, to improve a relationship, cooking ideas, parenting ideas, anything you need...

How to use these ideas?
  • Pick your favorite and make it happen
  • Pick your favorite and improve it to get something even better (building on ideas is how our brain really thrives!)
  • Pick a few or the whole list as inspiration to come up with even more ideas...the sky is the limit!

Free my brain now!

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