I will edit your recordings and maid them to your spec

edit your recordings and maid them to your spec

About This Gig

I will remove those irritating clicks and bumps that get into your digital recordings. I shall totally remove from your recording, without any loss or time of any other information- I will then normalise the track, unless you tell me not to, and return it to you post haste. I will return the audio with exactly the same bit, and sample rate as you sent me; plus of course the same type of file. NOTE- If audio noise is long in length, I will of course try, but it may prove impossible to totally eradicate ALL aberration in your sound! All known file types happily dealt with. There should not be many more than 10 per track and please dont make the track much more than 5minutes

Please contact me with your idea first- and I will be happy to demo any proposal you may have- 
I look forward to hearing from you.