I will answer 2 dog training questions

answer 2 dog training questions
answer 2 dog training questions
answer 2 dog training questions

About This Gig

I wil answer any 2 questions via Skype.  For an additional gig… get 3 more questions.

I own a dog walking and dog training business in NYC's Financial District.

I am also in the middle of patenting an invention for dogs. 

People that really want to understand dog psychology should contact me.  

Simple minded "dog lovers" that gush over stranger's dogs on the street should not contact me.  If you think that your dog is "your baby" then keep it moving  :  )

People that anthropomorphize dogs should not contact me.  Dogs are dogs.  

For you to get the most value, I recommend asking me about dog psychology.

Many people ask me questions that start out this way………"How do I get my dog to stop doing this??"

These questions are welcome but keep these things in mind:

1.  Every dog is different.  

2.  You can't just stop a dog from doing something.  You have to educate them on what is expected of them. 

3.  The problem behavior is almost always a symptom of a deeper issue.  The issue is almost always created by the human (you!)  This is because most people don't understand dog psychology.

4.  Come with an open mind.  I don't give simple answers like "spray him with the spray bottle" or "just yell NO."

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