I will make you look like a hero

The guy knows how to tell a story of a hero. Brilliant in every aspect, I could not have been happier with the final result. Great communication the whole way. I'll be ordering more for sure!
Reviewed by fahqu2 25 days ago
Heartbreaking acting. I actually believe his story. Don't know what the truth is anymore. I paid him to pretend that someone changed his life. Little did I know that he would change MY life. Awesome dude, and I hope that he doesn't get in trouble with the Serbian Mafia again. He inspired me to be a better person. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by joakimstorfjell about 1 month ago
Easily the best video anyone has ever sent me!
Reviewed by markanderton526 about 1 month ago
Is amazing and understands u so well. Thanks.
Reviewed by karannrl 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by whitney100 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hulkrockstar1 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by king_chris 4 months ago
Seriously this was outstanding. Couldn't have been better. I laughed so hard, it was perfect.
Reviewed by hulkrockstar1 8 months ago
Really appreciate the help. I thank you sincerely & gratefully.
Reviewed by stph7777 over 1 year ago
Couldn't have been a more perfect experience. Excellent communication and the end product was better than I could've asked for. Thanks!
Reviewed by barbiorr over 1 year ago
excellent work, especially for a grunt. Bwahahahaha
Reviewed by bionicchronicle over 1 year ago
Absolutely AMAZING!!! Totally Over Delivered!!!
Reviewed by jstaake over 1 year ago
make you look like a hero
make you look like a hero
make you look like a hero
Austin Schumacher Hero
Hero Whim
Hero Ocean 2
Fiverr Australia 2
Thank you 2

About This Gig

I will go on your social network and say that you saved my life, fixed my tire, tackled the guy that just stole my wallet, beat up my bully or I can even be the bully that you beat up!!

I will say almost anything…. even that I witnesses you rescue a baby or stopped someone from jumping off of a building…… Maybe you fed and housed an entire starving village… You get the point!

Possible options:  

1  You make up / write the whole story

2.  I make up the whole story

3  You provide me a premise and I'll do the rest

4  Feel free to give me specific details like (time / date / place)

This can be a typed testimonial or a video.  If it's written, I will write a decent length post.  It  won't be super short or super long.

If it's a video, than it will be pretty short.  It will probably be around 1 minute.

If you'd like a shorter or longer video, than please purchase another gig.

I'm looking forward to you saving my life!