I will write a story you will love

write a story you will love
write a story you will love
write a story you will love
write a story you will love

About This Gig

I weave stories for a living and will build one out of any material you give me. Check out the fable I wrote for a children's magazine to measure my ability. (It's the second image above.) 

I am happy to challenge my imagination with any prompt you can throw at me. Let me put your idea to paper so the world can read your story.  

I need as much information about the story as you can give me. Guidelines or plot summaries would be helpful if available.

Once I have the instructions I need, I will get to work and keep you updated throughout the process so that your preferences can guide the storytelling. 

Please contact me before placing multiple orders. 

Thank you for your interest!
~Paroma C.

Order Details

An Original Story

I write unique stories, tailored to my client's needs! I also offer unlimited free revisions.

  • Commercial Use
3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you write in US or UK English?
    Both. However, unless specified otherwise I will write the story in US English. No extra charge for writing it in UK English.
  • What if I don't like the story you write?
    If you tell me exactly what displeased you, I will do my utmost to change the story to meet your preference. I offer full revisions free of cost. Customer satisfaction is my priority.