I will proofread and edit your document in English for $5

proofread and edit your document in English
proofread and edit your document in English

About This Gig

I'm a native English speaker, who deals with spoken and written English on a day-to-day basis in England. I can take a piece of work you've written (or that someone else has written for you) and convert it into beautiful, concise and most importantly, correct English. I'm a very critical person and I note flaws in things very well, so your article, blog post or piece of homework will be flawlessly checked. If it's the last of these, you can request the edits to be of a lower quality, so you're not accused of having cheated!

The work will have amendments made to it in the following categories:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation and fluidity
  • Grammar and grammatical structures
  • Repetition of words/phrases unnecessarily

If desired, I can also edit the wording of the work to appear more effective, convincing or professional, as well as describe the edits I have made to the work.

Unfortunately,  I can only take on pieces of work up to 1000 words; please do inquire about further proofreading