I will remove negative energy and break curses

remove negative energy and break curses

About This Gig

Please note - These are NOT generic, candle magic based workings. These are authentic ritual based workings performed without generic kits that you may have seen available. These spells/workings are 100% genuine.

This working will remove any curse that is causing you to fail in life. Curses are placed to cause various changes to your life, your path, and this working can break the cycle of the negative energy that prevents you from focusing and achieving your goal.

When purchasing this working, please tell me the nature of the situation that you feel the curse is preventing you from achieving. Also, I need your full name and date of birth.

This is a general working but it is one that works if you stay focused. However, for a more detailed and strengthened working, use the gig extra for the FULL working. If this is purchased, I will also contact for additional information that will be needed.

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2 days delivery

Remove Negative Energy and Curses

Powerful Negative Energy Removal. This is NOT a generic spell, this is a powerful working.

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