I will make amazing 3d character animation video

make amazing 3d character animation video
make amazing 3d character animation video
make amazing 3d character animation video
make amazing 3d character animation video

About This Gig

I will help you CAPTIVATE your Audience's attention using an ENGAGING, POWERFUL 3D Character Video Presentation to help increase your business and/or GET HIRED.

Basic Gig ($10) : 3D Character Animation Video (up to 15 seconds), HD 720p Quality in mp4 format. Use Multiple Order Number for more than 15 seconds vid duration.

Extra Gig features :
  • Custom colors of shirt, pants, shoes, hair, skin
  • Background music
  • Make voice over audio based on script provided by you (synchronization is free if you order VO from me). I don't do proofreading to your script. You can hear my VO style as in sample vid. Feel free to ask for a sample of my VO reading your script before place your order. If you don't like my style, feel free to provide your own VO.
  • Synchronization voice over audio provided by you to the vid
  • Upgrade your vid to Full HD 1080p Quality
  • Adding your logo to the vid (logo must be in transparent background, I don't do logo editing)
  • Additional revisions

Please ensure your script 
is short and sweet to fit the video.
I will make necessary words animation. You can suggest what words you want to appears. Maximum 3 words in each scene for best result.

Please contact me directly if necessary!

Order Details

3 days delivery


15 seconds 3D Character Animation Video in 720p HD quality.

  • 15 Seconds Running Time

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of script is best for this kind of video?
    Please ensure your script is short and sweet to fit the video. Just remember to Keep it Simple and Focus on your Audience.
  • What is meaning of "VO" and "vid" in your description?
    VO is Voice Over. vid is video. I was forced to use the abbreviation because of space and word limitation.
  • Can I ask you to change your Voice Over pronunciation style?
    No, you can't. But I can provide some different voice over pronunciation style if necessary. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear the sample.
  • What things that I can ask to change from the character?
    Color of shirt, pants, shoes, hair, skin, tie. You also can choose to use or not use tie for the character.
  • Can I ask for different character?
    Sorry, no you can't.
  • My logo doesn't have transparent background. Can you make it transparent?
    Send me your logo before you place your order. If it can be made to be transparent, I will do it with extra charge.
  • Can I use my own background music?
    Yes you can. I will synchronize your music with the video.
  • Can I get revisions?
    No free revisions. But you can use Extra Gig feature to order as many revisions as you want.
  • Why I can't get free revisions?
    For your information, change 1 punctuation mark need to repeat almost 80% of all working process from beginning.
  • I have special/custom order. Can you do it?
    Contact me directly with your requirements. If I can do it, I will let you know.