I will optimize performance of your software application

optimize performance of your software application

About This Gig

Software performance is critical for a successful application. Slow response is potentially a customer lost.

I will perform the following tasks related to software code performance optimizations:
• Debug your code
• Analyze if your sql database is at least normalized to 3NF and modify structure as required
• Analyze and apply performance fixes to your sql database queries
• Check and apply performances fixes to your functions/methods implemented in the following programming languages: ASP.NET MVC C# ADO.NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Sql, LINQ
• Check for inefficient code ex iterating when not required, objects loaded in memory which are not used, Big O Analysis, repeated calls to same data
• Retrieve only required data from sql database to your server
• Analyze your application for possible performance issues
• Rewriting queries or code from scratch as to try to fix performance issue, the idea behind this being implementing a different version of the same code may actually result in more efficient code
• Check and think of possible non-standard factors that may be slowing your application
• Code refactoring including organizing the code, variable renaming 

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Software performance optimizations

Optimize your application to achieve best performance

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