I will make you an adwords campain of your choosing

make you an adwords campain of your choosing

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Description 1 Basic Adwords Campaign Adwords Structure 2 Fully Optimised Adwords Campaigns
  1 Basic Adwords Campaign with 5 adgroups. Based on 1 theme. (5 keywords in total) - Search Network Advice on your adwords campaign structure. - Search Network 2 Adwords Campaigns with ad extensions, 10 adgroups & 2 advertisements per adgroup for a/b testing.
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Seller will develop a campaign
Delivery time 3 days 3 days 7 days
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About This Gig

I Will Help You Improve Your adwords campaigns in the search network of Google Adwords. Ill will build a basic campaign for you with the budget and targeting options you prefer.

With a basic Campaign comes the following questions you have to ask yourself:
You can choose for 3 strategy's:
1. Campaign for most clicks
2. Campaign based on Romi (for more information lookup Return on Marketing Investment)

You have to choose a budget you want to pay max a day.
You Have to choose which country you want to target.
Its important that your website is ready to sell products. (otherwise spending money on a campaign is a waste of your money)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Make Campaigns in All Languages?
    No I can't, I can make campaigns for Belgium, Netherlands or English Reading Countries.
  • Do you Monitor my campaigns?
    No, I won't because I dont have the time for it, atleast i wont guarantee I will. You Can Always ask me for help If I have time I will.
  • I am not sure, if I shall start with Adwords can you give me advice?
    If you want me to answer this question I need some data from you like: When did you start your company? What business is your company in? Whats your average conversion percentage? How Much are you willing to spend in adwords? How Much Expertise do you have in Adwords?