I will write you gospel lyrics of two verses and a chorus

This was fantastic. Perfect for what we were doing. Very talented.
Reviewed by lomartsi 11 months ago
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As always your songs lift my heart to Heaven's Joy and Happiness, and yes I'll be faithful and true and I believe love will come to me and everyone who believe in Holy Father of All Love, Faithful And True, thank you so much Paula Smith and I will be ordering again very soon thanks a million joys!!!
Reviewed by cb102066 almost 2 years ago
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write you gospel lyrics of two verses and a chorus

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Well, you've come to the right place.

I have been writing gospel lyrics  since being a teenager.I like writing gospel and inspirational lyrics to create songs because i am inspired to do so and have people  requesting my lyrics to sing them and being blessed. 
 Please give me a few ideas of what you would like the words to be. Weather gosple, inspirationa, jazz, or love song. 

Thank you

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3 days delivery

2 VB

I will write for you an extra verse as a bouous