I will master 3 Music Tracks to 24bit for 25 UK pounds

About This Gig

Mastering Your Tracks:

Your track/s will be:

- EQ to provide a fuller sound using tools.
- Compressed if needed dependent on sound.
- Maximised to give more punch.
- Stereo widening if needed to provide a greater perception of sound.

My studio facility has multiple sets of monitoring along with a sub-woofer and the room has been acoustically treated to help provide a flat environment. Your tracks will be tested across all monitoring including a mono test & phase test. (see attached PDF for spec & gear).

I will give you the same focus as I do on my own musical projects in order to make them sound as good I can and use a range of sonic capabilities of the recording studio tools (Cubase/Tascam DAW, Native Instruments, UAD plugins & outboard etc) to produce music output to 24-bit mp3 final file or uncompressed .wav to dropbox for user to retrieve.

My studio is dedicated building and I work from home 20 hours p/w so 'work' is just 5 steps away! I am contactable onsite with 2 hours (GMT), or if out shopping as I have my gmail with me. But I do have a life so please do bear this in mind also (-:

Some online demos coming up before 7th Dec '16.

Order Details

Master your 3 stereo files

Output using 24bit/96kHz DAW system and UAD to .wav and mp3 ready file, for pickup via Dropbox.

  • 3 Songs
  • Mastering
  • HQ Audio File
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide me a FREE test?
    TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Since I'm new to the Fiverr platform, I want to prove my worth to you, so YES I can provide you with a 1 minute example of before and after, if you are happy, you may proceed with a full order. See my audio file requirements.