I will be your Jamaican Patois Poet

be your Jamaican Patois Poet

About This Gig

People all over the world are aware that there is a lot to enjoy in Jamaica. Myriads of people have traveled long distances on a regular basis just to bask in the lovely sunshine. Our beautiful climate, food and music are some of the things which our visitors are passionate about. The stunning performance of some of our athletes also mesmerize the world. In addition, our unique language called Patois or Creole which we sometimes speak instead of the English Language is one which generates much amusement among visitors who also try to speak it.

I will entertain you with funny poems written in Patois concerning our beautiful island. I will also translate the poems from Patois to English if you so desire, so that you can better understand and learn our unique language.

Order now and share in the fun.