I will explore universal currency dilemma

explore universal currency dilemma
explore universal currency dilemma
explore universal currency dilemma

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We are in a world where citizens pass by without knowing the magnitude of nature at work. The solar system is the world universal currency. All lives revolve around it. Without it the planet earth will be un-inhabitable. The current era of climate change and controversies surrounding ozone layer depletion and global warming sets the solar system in dilemma with planet earth. Increased radiation, leads to increased warming. While warming is vital for continued life on earth, extra chilling will pose a doom. On the other hand while greenhouses gases emitted to the atmosphere poses a threat to ozone layer; absence of carbon dioxide will spell a doom for photosynthesis and continued life on earth. The planet earth have come a long way and have been sustained by the solar system. Explorers have carried out expeditions on some other planet, including the moon; but dare not the sun. Simply, because of the magnitude of energy that can crush all types of life and objects. But, behind the power of the solar system lies the survival of the planet earth. A lot of controversies surround the science of life. Hence, more needs to be known on the peculiarity of the solar system

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