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make you renowned author
make you renowned author
make you renowned author

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The world is not all about eating and drinking. The great minds of the world are products of today's civilization. The great philosophers and theologians like Aristocrat, Plato were able to think and record civilization of today. The current generation is far more endowed than those generations. In mind, spirit, soul and body. It just takes some pinch of pains and forfeiture of some leisure to create outputs that can can change generations of today and the future. The world population is put currently at over 6 billion and projected to hit over 9 billion by the year 2050. What manner of people shall we have in the planet earth by the year 2300 and beyond. The current generation can never underestimate the generation of 2300. Will there be farming in the moon, ocean floor or other planets. What mode of transport, communication, technology, schools, colleges, universities, markets, name it, shall we have by the year 2300 and beyond. Can the present generation put to thought and writing what will be the future of the year 2300 and beyond. I have got the magic key. My brain and pen can educate you on putting to book the marvels of the current generations and beyond 2300. 

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