I will get you 500 twitter followers for $5

get you 500 twitter followers
get you 500 twitter followers

About This Gig

You have all seen the adds of people promising you the world of millions of twitter followers.  I am not one of those.  But i can get you real people who are actually interested in what you are promoting..  I have built my page from the ground up and you can see since November my twitter account went from 200  to over 14.5 thousand and its steadily growing.  

I can get you started or help you grow I charge 5$ for 500 followers.

We can work out a deal where this is a one time thing or 5$ continually for every 500 followers I give you.  Since I am not a robot or a computer this will take me more than 1 day to you.  But these accounts will be real people not the thousands of fake or spam accounts that the bot companies give you.

I do not have a resume only my twitter account @paulkos speaks for my experience