I will massively rename your files

massively rename your files

About This Gig

I will rename your files by your chosen pattern.
It may be file name, extension, adding prefixes, adding sequential numbers or letters (a,b,c), or basically any pattern.

Ex. File123-213-2.mp3       --> 1.File123-213-2.mp3      or         1.File.mp3        or       File (1).mp3    or      Totally_Different_File_Name_1.mp3      etc.

Any files are acceptible (photos, music, videos, documents, etc.)

Note.1: If the total file size exceeds 10 GB, I will need an additional day for download and upload proccess.
Note.2: I will store renamed files to dropbox (or alternative) for 5 days after i finish the job. After 5 days I will delete them.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

200 files

I will rename up to 200 files (pictures, music, videos, text files, documents, etc.)