I will be your Social Media Manager for $5

be your Social Media Manager
be your Social Media Manager

About This Gig

Northwestern University, Hubspot & Hootsuite Certified Social Media Marketing Professional to help you with setting and achieving realistic and long-term Goals to boost your Brand Awareness & Lead Folks to your Website/App. 

As a small business owner, you have a million things to do every day, but SM doesnt have to be one of them.

I help busy entrepreneurs like you maintain a solid presence on SM, so when your customers and potential customers go looking for you, youre there. And youre not just there, youre there consistently, establishing your relevance, credibility, and approachability as a small business owner.

I start with research on your industry, competitors, and target audience to get the pulse of what your audience is looking for. The $5 gig covers the research part, and then it is $5 for everyday you want your social media profiles handled. I dont just post, I do indepth research for hastags, strategy of post mix, etc.

Special weekly/monthly packages.
I also have graphics and content team in place to improve quality of Social Media communications for an extra budget. 

Looking forward to working for your business/brand and promoting it on Social Media.