I will be your Social Media Manager

be your Social Media Manager

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Description Setup/Revamp 1 Social Media Account Monthly Management Monthly Management + Content
  Includes Professional Graphics, Text & Optimization Will Manage One Social Media Platform for a Month, Content will be provided by you in advance. Will Manage One Social Media Platform for a Month, Content will be created by a Professional Team
Page Optimization
Seller will optimize your social media page
Page Setup
Seller will set up your social media page (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Campaign Development
Seller will develop a social media targeted campaign
Tailored Marketing Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve your social media presence
Management Duration (Weeks)
Seller will manage a social platform for the amount of weeks indicated (see gig description for details)
4 4
Social Media Posts
Seller will create the number of social media posts indicated
10 10
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
Delivery time 7 days 7 days 15 days
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About This Gig

Check my Twitter @AskRoyOliver and LinkedIn link there. I am ranked #9 Worldwide as a Social Media Marketing Expert by Agilence. 

I'm Northwestern University, Hubspot & Hootsuite Certified Social Marketing Expert to help you achieve Brand Awareness, Respect, Trust, Drive Traffic & eventually boost bottomline via Social.

Social Marketing done right is not about being present on all platforms. Depending on your budget you should pick 1 or 2 max, on which you are most likely to engage with your demographics.

If you are willing to invest at least $5000 ($3000 mgt, content, graphics / $2000 misc, growth & ads.) a year towards this then do it, else don't, a cupla months won't help. You can expect an annual ROI of at least 100%.

I will first analyse your business and target demographics.Then research on your industry, competitors, to get the pulse of what your audience is looking for. I dont just post, I do indepth research for hastags, strategy of post mix, etc. 10 orginal/branded content, rest curated content.

I work with a team of Professional Graphics and Content from Top Ad Agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Social Media Platforms do you Manage?
    Each Gig and sub parts are focussed on the 1 Social Media Platform that I think is the most important one for your Business. Depending on budget and requirement I manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • What if I want you to manage more than 1 Social Media Platform?
    It all depends on your budget, if you want more than 1 I can, each platform needs a seperate Gig.
  • Why does it cost $250 per month to manage only 1 Social Media Platform?
    Coz managing each platform means a lot, beyond setup, it means research on content, curation & creation of quality content by my graphics and content team from top ad agency, scheduling and publishing, growing likes, follows, listening, engaging, which is an everyday job.
  • Which Social Media platform/s should I focus on?
    If you are a B2C, focus on Facebook & Instagram, if you are a B2B focus on LinkedIn & Twitter. Depending on your budget pick either 1 or max 2 that you will invest time, money and resources into.
  • How quickly will my business start making money due to Social Marketing?
    I suggest do not focus on Social Selling, instead focus on Social Marketing. Your presence will increase Brand Awareness, Respect & Trust, which will aid the final decision making process for the end user.
  • Does the $250 include ads?
    No it does not, It includes my professional service in managing the strategy, content, growth and engagement, it also includes the professional content and graphics team.
  • Will 1 month of $250 be enough for me to meet my goals?
    For real results to happen in your business, you should have a long term vision and plan, which means at least a year of investing time and resources. Social Marketing is a marriage, not a fling.