About This Gig

We are in a modern rock band called Positive Chaos, we've released an album and a demo. We have played with numerous big-time bands and we love what we do. For $5, We will write one personalized acoustic song for you, about anything you would like. The song will probably range from 2-3 minutes (possibly longer) and will feature myself and the guitarist from our band, he will be playing guitar and I will be singing. If you would like, you can provide, a theme, words, a mood, a melody (hum it or play it on something else) or anything you can think of that can make this song truly yours. If you want to get an idea of what we sound like head over to youtube.com/positivechaosmusic and you can hear us before you decide to purchase anything. Give us a few days to write and record it and we'll send you an MP3 of your personal song.