I will give you a creator tool for How To content

give you a creator tool for How To content
give you a creator tool for How To content

About This Gig

This is a custom PDF tool built around the process of creating How To or Step-by-Step content. This tool is for you if you want to easily and quickly create custom content for your niche. The tool has been specifically designed to create How To or Step-by-Step content using the most up to date PDF technology and you only need the free Adobe Reader to use it. 

The tool has many never-seen-before premium features, including:

1. Editable/Lockable Form Fields

2. Unlimited Modular Content Input Tool 

3. Modular Form Edit Tools: 

• Sub-title text field

• Photo thumbnail field

• Body text field

4. Modular Form Positioning Tools: 

• Add and subtract content modules

• Text position movement up and down tool

• Thumbnail right or left position tool

5.Thumbnail show/hide tool (see gig extra below)

6. Photo Thumbnail Magnify Tool

7. Top of Page Custom Web URL Tool

8. Top of Page Custom Banner Add tool

9. Page numbering in footer

10. Custom copyright in footer 

11. Custom Website URL link in footer (see gig extra below)

12. Teach Mode (see gig extra below)

See PDFHelper videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU941eVRJYbjAyaM3b5RofQ