I will optimize Your Wordpress Site

Excellent work! It was a pretty specific gig and you nailed it. Can't wait to work with you again and again!
Reviewed by jberswick over 2 years ago
optimize Your Wordpress Site

About This Gig

One of biggest problems of WordPress is the slowness.  I will optimize your blog for shared host to its extreme level. 

What I do:

  • Analyze and compress themes files, images reduce size.
  • Optimize your low performing database queries
  • Optimize site speed for mobile browsers
  • Make hosting tweaks 
  • Minify JavaScript and Stylesheets for best possible
  • Will configure cache plugin  it in enterprise level.
  • Will setup browser cache to load site faster
  • Will add image optimization plugin

What you get:

  • A ultrafast Wordpress instance

I have 5+ years experience of optimizing WordPress websites and in some cases, I have optimized it such a way that load time reduces in 70%.

No hidden fees.