I will convert scripts to graphic novels

convert scripts to graphic novels
convert scripts to graphic novels

About This Gig


Did you know The Walking Dead and the movie Noah started life as multi issue comic books? This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of comic book/graphic novel IPs which made it to the screen.

I am available to take your story (short, fantasy, personal, or professional script/screenplay) and convert it into an industry standard Graphic Novel or Comic Book script, and/or draw it for you.

That's right. Turn your work into a GRAPHIC NOVEL!!!

How does this work?

For $5 you retain my services. Call it a consultation fee. Once that order is complete you can offer contact details to discuss things further.

It's $60 per 22 page comic book script, 22 pages being the industry standard length of a comic issue or Graphic Novel chapter. THIS IS JUST SCRIPTING WORK.

The turnaround is very fast (providing that I have no workload).

I offer also a service converting the script AND drawing the art. For a quote please contact me.

Please look elsewhere if you are ill-suited, hesitant or cautious. Contact me ONLY if you are that special and CREATIVE MINDED client who is both flexible and patient as well as consistent and determined to get such a task completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I being asked to order a free consultation?
    Fiverr hosts all of this and it is important to give something back to them for their time and effort. By purchasing a $5 redeemable consultation you will be giving them something.
  • Why can't I just make the order I want without consultation or discussion?
    If you go ahead and order it takes 17 days before the funds are cleared. There is also an additional 20% fee. Comic book artwork takes time to do, if of course you want something of high quality. It is important to establish when and how things will be done.
  • Is it OK to discuss things outside of Fiverr once the consultation order is complete?