I will edit your 2 page document

edit your 2 page document

About This Gig

Need to make sure that your document reads well in English?

I would love to help you!

What do I offer?

  • I will do a careful final check of your 2-page document written in English, and correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization and style etc.
  • I will guarantee that your document /web content is written in grammatically accurate, readable English before you submit it. 
  • I will deliver a clean, polished, error-free final version of your document that is ready for use. 

Who am I?

  • I am a native speaker of English. 
  • I have extensive experience in teaching English and Spanish comprehension and expression at the college level  
  • I have an eagle eye for detail
  • I read widely in areas such as literature, history, film, cultural studies, psychology, philosophy, education, politics
  • I have written and published 2 non-fiction books in English 
  • I have supervised and evaluated several graduate dissertations / theses/ term papers
  • I have reviewed many articles and books for academic journals. 
  • Recently retired, I have a wealth of experience, a sharp mind and ample time to dedicate to freelance proofreading and editing.


Order Details


I will review and edit your two-page document for grammar, expression and structure

2 days delivery