I will draw, paint a watercolour of house, pet, car, landscape and more

Looks exactly how I hoped it would!
Reviewed by attackkitten over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by attackkitten over 2 years ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by dmclain over 2 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by attackkitten about 3 years ago
Nice drawing. Just what i asked for. The only advise I would give to other buyers is to start chasing pencilportraits up early.
Reviewed by funkgroover over 3 years ago
Wow! Fantastic attention to detail and an incredibly quick response. Would absolutely contract again!
Reviewed by benmjohnson over 3 years ago
Fantastic work! Thank you!
Reviewed by princessanne over 3 years ago
Very cool! Thanks for the great job!!
Reviewed by themultiman over 3 years ago
Love it thanks!!
Reviewed by dillward over 3 years ago
Cool drawing. I liked it. Thanks.
Reviewed by sixerrev almost 4 years ago
Looks fabulous - thanks so much!
Reviewed by ozadvicegiver almost 4 years ago
Reviewed by inventions almost 4 years ago
Great deal. Looks pretty cool.
Reviewed by jlaffan almost 4 years ago
Beautifully done my friend will love it. I can't wait to do this again...
Reviewed by onecreativechic about 4 years ago
You are awesome beyond awesome! It's perfect, thanks!!!
Reviewed by advantagesales about 4 years ago
Well done. Thanks.
Reviewed by crowhill almost 4 years ago
Wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for!
Reviewed by princessanne about 4 years ago
Another great job. Will use again. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by hjchapman about 4 years ago
Nice work. Thank you!
Reviewed by swing_line about 4 years ago
Great to work with. Thanks!
Reviewed by triplejohn over 3 years ago
draw, paint a watercolour of house, pet, car, landscape and more
draw, paint a watercolour of house, pet, car, landscape and more

About This Gig

I'll draw and paint an object, architectural rendering, pet, flora, fauna, buildings, portraits, cars or vehicles. or view from Your photo in my watercolour style as You see on my examples 

What You should know:

  • For $5 I will draw BLACK AND  WHITE OUTLINE FROM A PHOTO and send scanned in size about 1000x1000 pix  ( bigger size available in extras) 

  • In one order I may draw multiple objects, or add view, animal etc. on the same drawing. If it's not on the same drawing - it's separate order

  • The bigger size and better quality of photo You send, the better drawing You will get 

  • The resolution of your photo should be not smaller than 640x480. 

  • I own the copyright of my work for promotions, or other use, unless you buy it from me

BASIC -- No color sketch (pen and ink outline from a photo )  $5 

Sketch with colour form a photo +$5

Bigger size + $5

Copyright + $10

Commercial use + $10

Delivery in 3 days time + $10

Second person/object/building/animal.. +$5 + $5( if added colou )

  • If You have special requests - please ask first :)