I will record a Voicemail, IVR or Phone Prompt

Did a great job... i made a mistake she was kind enough to correct... sending additional IVR requests in the next day or so...
Reviewed by doctech over 1 year ago
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You knocked it out of the park! If you are looking for a professional sounding voice hire her! She is great!
Reviewed by dbtj27 over 1 year ago
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Perfect 10/10
Reviewed by lbbltd almost 2 years ago
record a Voicemail, IVR or Phone Prompt

About This Gig

I will record your voicemail, IVR or phone prompt using the vocal tone of your choice (straight-forward, professional, sexy, upbeat, etc) for $5.  For every set of 100 words, please order 1 gig.

Send a script & specify how to pronounce any difficult words. I will send an MP3 file. See Gig Extras for 24hr delivery & more.

Unfortunately I am unable to access your system directly. I am unable to use Google Voice. I will not call your number/system so please don't ask.

You must provide detailed pronunciation for any uncommon names, places, medical terms or non-English words.   If you order a project with no guide on how to pronounce these things -- you must pay for revisions if I am incorrect.