I will make pixel sprites, icons, animations and tile sets for game

make pixel sprites, icons, animations and tile sets for game
make pixel sprites, icons, animations and tile sets for game

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  Up to 100*100 Pixel for single sprites/icons 4*4 tile & 50*50 pixel for tile/icon sheet. Single Pixel Art up to 250 by 250 Pixels & 8*8 tile sheet by 50*50 pixel. Up to 10 frame pixel animation. Single sprite artwork up to 500*500 pixels & 10*10 tile sheet.
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About This Gig

Hi! My name is Paul Perkins I am Indie game developer and have created concept art, pixel art and 3d art for the games I have created, several are still in the production stages. We are working on one that is close to completion called Paper Car Check out the website www.four8games.con to see more!

Your only limitation is your imagination! I love bringing other peoples game world to life, the characters, enemies, and places that come right from a good medieval or scify novel. give me a concept art sketch and I will create it to fit within your game! I specialize in creating pixel art for use in games. I have experience working with RPG maker VX ace and Unity creating tiles and art that will fit within the game easily. I can create a whole game scene, animations including walk cycles, Tile sets for inside, outside, or whatever you have created in with concept. More specifically things I can do is:

1. Game Icons
2. Tile Sheets
3. Monster/Enemy sprites
4. Interior and Exterior objects for world creation such as Buildings, trees and tables. (see examples)

5.Character sprites/animation

Send me a message with detailed description of what you want done.