I will personalize a Tarot Card, Amazing Numerology and or Biorhythms, Astrology

The form doesn't let you fill in just the part you need to. then the seller gets back to you on the expiry of the gig. Not very good at all. i would not recommend using this service there are people on here with better customer service.
Reviewed by stuartrolfe 9 months ago
The tarot cards were pretty spot on. I liked the way this was delivered with the pretty pictures of the cards and the explanations of each.
Reviewed by trinawilliams 10 months ago
Wow! Super fast delivery. I chose a Tarot reading which entails empowerment, encouragement, and wisdom a dash of humor. I'm not sure if everyone's reading is this grand. MIne practically places me on top of the world. LOL! Definitely a lot of fun. Would totally recommend!
Reviewed by katarinanolte 11 months ago
Thank you so much!! These are absolutely stunning!! You do fantastic work!!
Reviewed by seokatie 11 months ago
Owsome work highly recorded this seller Thank you!!!
Reviewed by hareem59 11 months ago
personalize a Tarot Card, Amazing Numerology and or Biorhythms, Astrology
personalize a Tarot Card, Amazing Numerology and or Biorhythms, Astrology

About This Gig

Tarot Cards
They Will Revels Your Current Influences, Course Of Action And Your Unfolding Future, On Your Relationships, Your Work, Your Spirituality, Or Your Personal Growth. Most Of The Time The Results Are Pretty Accurate Even A Little Scary! 

Personalized Amazing Numerology
Four pages, suitable for framing, highest quality, and professional numerology chart for any name and birth date. The first two pages offer a detailed and fascinating explanation of the fascinating science of numerology and leaves no stone unturned. It further offers a detailed description of what the highly anticipated personalized chart will reveal.

Amazing Biorhythms
Many Different Facts About Your Critical Days That Analysis Your Physical Cycle, Intellectual Cycle and Emotional Cycle From And To The Dates You Selected. This Chart Is Unique As It Lets You Enter Past Dates, Future Dates, Or The Current Date. Choose English, Spanish, or German.

Personalized Amazing Astrology
It's the hidden Story of your Birthday. It includes your Zodiac sign, ruling planet, ruling element, special flower, most likeable trait, lucky numbers, gemstone, personalized virtues, celebrity birthdays, astrology reports, & more!