I will personalize a Anniversary Almanac

Great Service!!
Reviewed by tinktink19 4 months ago
The information on this brought us back to the most wonderful day of our lives! We have framed it for others to enjoy as well. Wonderful person to work with!
Reviewed by fareedseo 11 months ago
personalize a Anniversary Almanac
personalize a Anniversary Almanac

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Personalize Anniversary Almanac.

This is a touching reminder of what was going on in the world at large when the celebrants joined hands, and key events that have happened on their major anniversaries since they were married or started courting

The Anniversary Almanac is a print of what happened on the day you were married.

Top News Story of the Year
Top Headlines of the Year
Best Movie and Actor, Actress of the Year
Best Song of the Year
Information on the Cost of Living
Top Songs and TV Shows of the Year
World Series Winner
Similar Information for Your 1st, 10th and Silver Anniversary

Birthday Chronicle

A Nation Celebrates the Birth of YOU

Our birthday newspaper displays a wealth of information on the way the world was on a person's birthday. 

This print features the recipients name as part of a presidential greeting that is sure to make you feel special. The top news headlines of the day as well as the top news in entertainment are also prominent features of the very special birthday gift.