I will what your name means

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what your name means
what your name means
what your name means

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Dual Name
Have you ever wondered about the origin or meaning of your first name? Our First Name Almanac contains thousands of first names and interesting information about each name. Included are the local origin and root of your first name; emotional spectrum; personal integrity; personality; relationships; travel and leisure; career and money; life's opportunities; person's lucky numbers and astrological information.

N is for Name Poetry Certificate N is for Name takes the letters of your first name and puts them into a poem.

Name Orgin The customized print will includes the meaning of your name, local origin, astrological information, lucky numbers and other personal traits. We have many backgrounds designs to choose from. Something to satisfy every taste and any occasion. Some backgrounds allow for 2 names on one print. Our database includes over 18,500 first names!