I will provide business insights, and formulate business pathway

provide business insights, and formulate business pathway

About This Gig

Unsure about how your idea would be implemented within the market? Want more certainty? Want to concentrating your time doing what you do best? This gig is for you. 

In terms of project workflow, this gig generally involve assessing and understanding of your vision and idea. And, production of:
1) Project Summary and Objective
2) Target audience and segmentation by geographic, infrastructural, economic, sociocultural, technical, competitive accessibility
3) Beneficiary experience and complementary deliverable
4) Most Competitive Analysis
5) Capability Identification
6) Cost and Asset Identification
7) Funding source identification
8) Financial Framing
9) Stakeholder mapping
10) Sociopolitical Strategy
11) Assumptions Acknowledgement and Checking System
12) Checkpoint plan

Order Details

15 days delivery 2 Revisions

Market plan for project or company.

Formulation of realistic business path for your project or company.