I will tell you why you need to visit Jamaica for a getaway

tell you why you need to visit Jamaica for a getaway
tell you why you need to visit Jamaica for a getaway
tell you why you need to visit Jamaica for a getaway

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Description Showcase the best of Jamaica's food Jamaica's Hotels and beaches Showcase the very best of Jamaica
  I will tell you where to go for real Jamaican cuisine while you are on the island I will tell you which of the hotels to stay and which beach to visit I will tell you which hotel to stay, where to go for authentic cuisine and souvineers
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About This Gig

Have you often dream of laying on a hammock, swaying in the tropical breeze with a cool drink in your hand overlooking the ocean? Have you always wanted to learn to cook that mouth watering dish that you have heard your friends talked about eating every time they visit that island paradise? Have you wanted to get a little rest and relaxation, a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Look no further as I invite you to come to Jamaica for that relaxing vacation you have been dreaming about. Come and learn about the culture and its history from the warm and friendly people. Take a taste journey through our mouthwatering cuisine, and our sweet treats. Come to Jamaica to host your seminars, conventions and business meetings in the mornings and relax  by the pool or by the beach in the afternoon drinking an ice cold Red Strip Beer.

Click on my gig and hire me to give you the islander insight on which hotels I would recommend you to stay at, where to go for that mouth watering jerk chicken or that taste treat of Coconut Drops. And for the business savvy traveler click on my gig and I will tell you where you can host your conventions, seminars and meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you go for the best jerk pork or jerk chicken
    If you are visiting and staying in Kingston, I would recommend Scotchies on Chelsea Avenue or Sweetwood on Knutsford Boulevard. However, Scotchies do have branches in St. Ann and Montego Bay St. James. You can also visit Boston in Portland, and Walderston in Manchester
  • Jamaica is well known for its jerk seasoning. Is there a company that offers tours for that?
    Yes, Walkerswood Caribbean Foods in St. Ann do offer tours on how they make their spices and rubs. You can also purchase these delectable spices from their shops as well.
  • Jamaica has the best rum, which would you recommend?
    I would recommend J Wray and Nephew's White Rum and also Appleton Rum Special. Side note, Appleton Rum Estate do offer tours, where they show you how it is made.
  • Jamaica is the island of of Dancehall and Reggae music and parties. Where can we go for these
    I would recommend Sting which is held on December 26 every year, and Reggae Sumfest which is held in the period of July and August. Also, we do have ATI Dream Weekend that is a hit for with our party goers as well as we have our staging of Bacchanal. These two parties are held every year.
  • What attractions and tours that Jamaica has to offer?
    There are several tours that you can choose from. You can visit Port Royal in Kingston, Rose Hall in Montego Bay among others. Visitors can visit Dunns River Falls, YS Falls, go rafting down the Rio Grande and take a tour through the mangroves with Black River Safari in St. Elizabeth.
  • I love seafood and always try to get it when I travel. Where can I go?
    You can visit Gloria's in Port Royal, Helllshire Beach in Portmore.