I will conduct due diligence for any angel investment

conduct due diligence for any angel investment

About This Gig

For most angel investors, due diligence can be a pain- the hours of research can make the process arduous for even the most experiences investor. For me, the due diligence process is fun.

No matter what company you're interested in investing in, I can answer the following questions:

What does this particular market look like? How big is it? Have the founders sized it accurately?

What is their revenue model? Are their projections realistic? What are their key revenue drivers?

Who are the main competitors? How long have they been in the space? What are their strengths/weaknesses?

Who is on their management team? What are their backgrounds? Are they qualified to launch this venture?

Who is their primary target market? Who are their power users? Is this a viable beachhead? 

SWOT Analysis

What is the risk profile of the company? What is their potential to grow?

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3 days delivery 1 Revision

Basic Due Diligence Package

Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Management Calls, Customer Calls, SWOT Analysis

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