I will produce an epic voice over

produce an epic voice over

About This Gig

Please watch the video for a quick sample. I will record any written script up to a minute in length for $5. I can also do multiple takes of shorter clips. (DJ Tags, one liners, etc) I'm not hung up on the thing being exactly a minute or less, but keep it in the ball park and we're fine. Please know, lining up words with videos and other things is fine, but it takes a lot of extra time to get right. I would ask you to visit the tip cup ($5) up front if that is what you need. Also, I usually can do same day rush for another ($20),just message me first, to confirm that I'm available. I will send you a 192k mp3 clip within 48 hours of the time I receive your order. That is the MAXIMUM time it will take me. Please message me with any questions you may have. I promise I'm really easy to deal with.