I will send your music to 500 college radio stations and music blogs

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send your music to 500 college radio stations and music blogs

About This Gig

I have access to a database of current music blogs and radio stations that are hungry for new music! I can submit your pitch to all these contacts or, if you're really trying to go for the gold, for a little extra I can represent your pitch and revise it to better appeal to the market you are aiming for.
This does NOT guarantee that you will be played on any of these blogs or radio stations, but it certainly saves you days upon days of research and email submissions.

If for some reason this doesn't receive a turn around for you, and you hear nothing back after a month, message me later on and I will personally review your music myself on my video blog absolutely free of charge.

Disclaimer: This gig is set up to work the best for electronic and indie music. Electronic rock will definitely hit the best with this gig, but i'm happy to send your music out anyways if you want to do it with that in mind.

Order Details

5 days delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this guarantee I will be played/ featured on one of these stations or blogs?
    No, this does not, but in the past there's normally been a roughly 1/50 turn around to all the artists I have represented in the past.
  • What happens if someone likes my music? How will they contact me?
    I ask that you please provide your personal contact information so they can contact you if they like your submission.
  • Why should I go with this gig as opposed to one of the others like this?
    The answer is simple, most of the other gigs that are offering this are using outdated lists that have already been used up and are tired of getting constant submissions. I keep all of my contacts current and up to date.