About This Gig

hey, thanks for checking out my gig(s)

what this gig is

i record a live 1080 video against a green screen and display your url/www behind me in realtime.  i load your site, scroll up and down and navigate through the pages of the website for you.  

what i can offer you

  • up to three minute video
  • reviews, advice, recommendations or if your confident 'honesty'
  • british/english spoken word.  lived in uk all my life.
  • honest reviews of your product or event
  • first timer reaction 
  • useful if someone is designing your website for you
  • feedback of what people want to see
  • i can explain to people how to navigate your website
  • audio will be noise reduced
  • fast upload once shot and edited over gigabit link

what's new

  • i'm back in a new city after a move
  • we can upload faster than ever now
  • we are helping people get employed using fiverr
  • all gigs are getting refreshed!

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