I will tell you what and when to buy and sell in Forex via Skype

tell you what and when to buy and sell in Forex via Skype

About This Gig

For $5 I will have a live 10 min Skype video session with you explaining in great detail whether now is the time to buy or sell one currency that you are trading specific to your situation.

Don't know if the dollar is going through the sky or fall on its head? Or the euro finally taking a breather? - No worries, I'm here to help and tell you exactly what is happening in the market at the moment.

The currencies that I can help you with are: USD,EUR,GBP,JPY,AUD,CAD,NZD,CHF.

In those 10 minutes:

- I'll tell you what the big banks and hedge funds are buying and selling in the current market environment 
- I'll answer any questions you might have
- I'll help you better understand the FOREX market so you can learn to make profits yourself
- I'll help you overcome any struggles or setbacks you might have in your trading
- I'll explain any terms you are unfamiliar with
- I'll provide technical or fundamental analysis for one of the given currencies
- and more...

Feel free to send me a message before you order :)

Forex trading is a risky business and may not be for everyone. Be sure you understand all the risks involved before trading. Losses may exceed your initial deposit.

Order Details

3 days delivery

Skype coaching

I will answers any questions you might have about retail Forex trading