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About This Gig

"Hello Philipjones, Thank you so much for your quick response and for the customised phone script. I TRIED IT THIS MORNING ALREADY and it is showing some great potential. Thanks a lot. Sam"

The object of the first call is to find out if your prospect wants needs or already uses your product/service.

To find this out you need to get past the person who answers the phone.

The script and pitch that I will give you will not only do this masterfully, but will more often then not turn that "gate keeper" into your personal advocate.

How would you like to have an inside track almost immediately???

You will receive within 2-3 business days:

My scripts are NOT:

*Copy/pasted templates
*Fluffed up with garbage

My scripts ARE:

* Aggressive yet highly effective

*100% Original
*Tailored to YOUR particular industry
*Written with a proper sales funnel



Tired of prospects saying:


"I'm not interested."

"Don't have time."



Make your order now and start boosting your sales!!!

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