I will add original electric or acoustic guitar to your project

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really good job! excellent play skills!
Reviewed by crissmusic about 6 hours ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by nigel_g 1 day ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mark09 2 days ago
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Philip have been very professional, very fast and the work he gave me I like a lot. I can recommend him and sure i would like to come back to work with him
Reviewed by madfab 6 days ago
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What a great experience! I asked for an acoustic guitar tune which would suit my brief and this fit the bill exactly. Thanks so much for helping me out.
Reviewed by kathchown 11 days ago
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Phil is super reliable and a super skilled guitarist. I've booked him for several projects in different genres and he was able to enhance every song with his playing. Easy to communicate with and is at the top of his field!
Reviewed by minskysteeldrum 12 days ago
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Phenomenal! Fast delivery and excellent communication. Exactly what I needed for my song!
Reviewed by aramis616 15 days ago
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Excellent!! Great artist!
Reviewed by myjordan23 15 days ago
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Great artist! Awesome work!!! Will work again together ;)
Reviewed by myjordan23 16 days ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by glixya 17 days ago
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amazing artist!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by paulmorales25 22 days ago
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wow !! the best player
Reviewed by yagelos 26 days ago
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Was quicker than expected! great price as well!
Reviewed by mitchmark 26 days ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by fahjahmusic 26 days ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by zeviontv 28 days ago
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Amazing every time!
Reviewed by paulmorales25 28 days ago
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Very professional work, and fast!
Reviewed by cocoyclaravall 29 days ago
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Excellent work! Quick and right to the point. I will definitely require his service again soon!
Reviewed by vergeplay about 1 month ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by milessloan202 about 1 month ago
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Reviewed by jaemusicpro about 1 month ago
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add original electric or acoustic guitar to your project
add original electric or acoustic guitar to your project
add original electric or acoustic guitar to your project
add original electric or acoustic guitar to your project

About This Gig

I supply original lead or rhythm guitar, be it on electric or acoustic guitar.

I've a range of guitars, amplifiers, and effects (both hardware and software). Couple this with nearly 25 years of playing, plus extensive experience of recording and production, and I can produce to your requirements. 

- Say if you want LEAD or RHYTHM GUITAR
- Tempo (BPM) is always helpful
- Key/chord structure also helps 
- Give me SPECIFIC TIMINGS where you want me to play (e.g. "1:25-1:55")
- If you've a particular style, sound, or famous player in mind, please say; if not, I'll provide my own interpretation.


Basic cost is up to 1 song minute for THE FIRST GUITAR PART; further minutes and parts are additional. 1 guitar/1min is $10; 2 guitars/1min is $15. 1 guitar/2mins is $15; 2 guitars/2mins is $25.

If you're unsure on pricing, please contact me for a Custom Order.

I supply dry files (no reverb or other effects), allowing you to add what you want. I can mix my work into your track - see pricing for details.


Order Details

Create guitar for your project

I will create custom guitar parts for your project, and deliver them as dry WAV files.

  • Up to 59 Seconds
3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can you deliver?
    I try to deliver as quickly as possible. I quote 3 days to allow for busier times, but I always aim to deliver sooner than that. If you REALLY need it in a hurry, I offer a 1-day delivery service for an extra $10, which prioritises your order.
  • Is there anything I can do to help you?
    Plenty. The most important thing is PLEASE READ what I've written, whether it's on my gig, or in the notes that accompany your delivery.
  • How much information do you want me to give you?
    There is no such thing as too much information. Never assume I know exactly what you mean, or that we're using the same terms. Spell it out, and be precise, like "I want the solo to be at 1:35 until 2:05".
  • What do I do if I'm not sure what I want?
    BEFORE placing your order, please feel free to message me. I'll happily discuss your project with you, and make suggestions accordingly. I'd rather you commit to an order where we both know exactly what you want.
  • What kind of files do you want from me?
    MP3s are best, as they're universal and far smaller than WAVs. If your track is on SoundCloud, please make sure you've enabled downloads to occur. Please name files so that they're linked to you; I've received any number called DEMO or GUITAR, and that's not helpful.
  • After delivery, what do I do if I've got a query?
    DON'T request a modification. This restarts the countdown, giving me less time to help you (especially when working across time zones). Instead, please send a QUICK RESPONSE. There's often no need for modification, so this is a better solution.
  • I haven't heard from you.
    I never knowingly ignore anyone. Sometimes Fiverr alerts me to a message, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I'm away from the studio and can't help at that precise moment. If you're on the other side of the world, it could be the middle of the night here! I will get back to you, promise :)
  • Can you play anything?
    I can play many things, but I'm still working on being the world's greatest guitarist, so not every job is going to suit my strengths. Please message me before placing an order to discuss your requirements.
  • What format do you deliver your work in?
    I deliver 24-bit WAV files at 44.1kHz. This is fairly standard for most people's projects. I can go higher, but file sizes get beyond what's feasible to deliver. My work is delivered dry - no delay, reverb, etc - as most people have their own tastes. If you want effects, please let me know.
  • Do you just play solos?
    I play solos (lead guitar), rhythm guitar, electric, acoustic, bass, mandolin, ukulele. I can improvise, or play what's required. I also do songwriting and composition, so if you've only got lyrics, I can provide the music, whether it's just guitar, or other instruments for a complete production.