I will be Your Travel Agent For Cheap Holidays

be Your Travel Agent For Cheap Holidays

About This Gig

I have worked for one of the UK’s largest travel agents. In addition to being the company’s immigration lawyer I have also been booking holidays for customers around the world for years.


I am well travelled, trained and I take pride in providing excellent customer service to every customer with his or her holiday arrangements. I have a wide database filled with tour operators, hotels and airlines, and I always endeavor to find your perfect holiday for the best possible price.


From family holidays to cruise holidays, long haul holidays to short breaks, I have the widest choice of holiday deals for you to choose from.

I am here to be your personal travel agent, finding you the best price for traveling and staying at your holiday destination based on your budget.


For 3 Gigs only ($15), you get the following based on your holiday budget:


  • Choice of Flights or Coaches

  • Visa Information Based On Nationality

  • Travel Information

  • Choice of Hotels 

  • Choice of Tourist Attractions to visit

  • Booking Information


So, what are you waiting for? Order 3 Gigs to Book your dream holiday! 

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2 days delivery
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