I will build a basic Rails app from your specifications

build a basic Rails app from your specifications

About This Gig

Let me specify: 

(Please message me beforehand with a description of your site and I'll tell you if I can do it.)  

For $40 I will create a basic/simple Ruby on Rails app with basic (bare bones) web design.  I do not have expertise in web design, and I am mostly proficient in code functionality.  However, if you have an existing Bootstrap template please indicate the name of the template and the attached zip file of the template and I will indicate if I can incorporate it to the Rails app.

In creating the app, I will use generators for the MVC.   Gems and 3rd party APIs are not yet supported, and this is for a basic Rails app with MVC components and Bootstrap (if existing).

For existing Bootstrap template, please refer to add on (+$5).

For gem requests message me beforehand.  It might not be for a gig/order, but I may reply later if I can integrate it to a gig (+$5 special spec, if possible)

Order Details

10 days delivery

Basic Rails App

I will design a basic MVC Rails app with bare bones design (for Bootstrap refer to add on).

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