I will take pictures of your wedding and engagement

take pictures of your wedding and engagement

About This Gig

 Phronema Photography is a team of four experienced photographers that have just begun a start-up business. Our portfolio consists of amazing photos taken from around the world. 

We are looking for are engaged couples who are on a shoe string budget or are relegated to utilizing a "friend with a camera" or an amateur due to financial constraints. We know that wedding/receptions, let alone the photographers, can be very expensive. It is common knowledge that one of the few areas that most people are willing to sacrifice when it comes to their wedding day is photography.
You shouldn't have to miss the opportunity to have professionals capture the moments that you and your loved ones will want to remember for a life time.
This service would be FREE of charge. You allow us to be the team who captures pictures of your special day and in exchange for a professional looking job we get to use a designated number of your pictures to help promote ourselves.

This is our offer:

1. Two photographers for one full day on your wedding day, including the ceremony, reception, and group portraits.
2. An engagement package; a half day of photos of the couple in a setting of their choice.


Order Details

29 days delivery