I will ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook professionally

ghostwrite your story, kindle and eBook professionally

About This Gig

I craft Words that STICK, WORK and that SELLS. I build brands that flourish and help Clients reach their goals using the power of words to express it better to SELL.

1. Ghostwriting ebooks over a variety of topics: from self-help to nutrition and wellness to scientific-based research books. I write about it all, and I love to learn.

My continuous excitement about your described topics creates essential, vibrant, and best-selling Amazon ebooks. 

2. Understanding SEO and fueling greater blog post traffic. Currently managing a blog for a client part-time and learning Wordpress at an alarming rate. 

3. Writing creative novels and novellas for clients: from westerns to thrillers to romances. I understand what people want to read about, and I write about those characters, those events with a sense of style and flair. I went to school for creative writing at Indiana University, and my mind is a mess of creative energy. 

4. Editing blog posts, ebooks, and novels for grammar, spelling, and flow. 

My SERVICES also includes:

·         Edit/Improvise existing Manuscript

·         Stunning Design, Layout and Formatting your manuscript

You have 100% copyright

Order Details

ghostwrite a unique ebook and story

ghostwrite a unique ebook and story professionally

3 days delivery