I will write a Unique and detailed Christian Books and Devotionals

write a Unique and  detailed Christian Books and Devotionals

About This Gig

This Gig is Dedicated to Bless and Impact Lives

This Gig is dedicated to help Ministers of the Gospel write:

**Christian Books


**Articles and all gospel publications

 **Christian Songs

 **Christian stories; fiction and non fiction genres

If you can name a theme or topic in the Bible, I can write a book on the topic for you based on scriptural teachings.

I employ you to take advantage of this service so that together we can increase the knowledge of God and his word in this generation.

I'm a christian writer and I believe God has given me the gift to write and I am happy to share this with you here. I have written books and conducted many christian seminars. I'm quite vast on christian spiritual matters and will be willing to help you put them in writing to bless the people.

In this generation where there is explosion of knowledge, it's equally important for the knowledge of God to Increase.

I'm here to develop. Proofread and Edit your teaching manuals, weekly publications, books, journals etc. This gig also include writing both fiction and non fiction stories.

We Seek To Build a Place Where Words Flow Freely Like Rivers of Living Water"

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I will a unique and top-notch content on any christian piece

  • Up to 500 Words
3 days delivery